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The Boaz House is a six month faith-based women's rehab facility that opened in 2019. We help women find restoration in learning to rely on the holy spirit along with working a thorough recovery program. With the guidance of God, we help women find freedom from the bondage of sin.

"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"
~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Our program provides a racially, ethnically and culturally diverse therapeutic community that is well-suited for women who are serious about recovery. Our residents live in a highly-structured and highly-supervised, drug and alcohol-free environment. The daily routine has been carefully designed to promote maximum personal responsibility and accountability. This unique community environment also nurtures peer support by providing an avenue for recovering addicts and alcoholics to share emotional, social and practical help with each other. 

We encourage families to contribute what they can towards covering program costs. However, we want to emphasize that inability to contribute financially will not prevent anyone from being accepted. It's important to note that the program expenses amount to $660 per month for each client. Therefore, any assistance, regardless of the amount, is deeply appreciated.

For the duration of their (6 month) residency, residents of this program are provided the following services and/or amenities:

• Daily Bible-based instruction and group counseling
• Bibles, educational resources and study aids
• Dormitory-style housing (furniture and utilities included)
• Three hot, nutritionally-balanced meals daily, seven days a week
• Bed linens, pillows and bath towels (as needed)
• On-site laundry service
• Nationwide telephone service
• Transportation (as needed)
• Medical screening
• First aid
• Assorted recreational activities

Upon graduation from the 6 month program, residents are encouraged to stay for the 3 month graduate program, which involves residents to start looking for employment, while still attending graduate classes, and transitioning back into society. After the 3 month graduate program, residents can stay for the transitional phase which allows them to stay at The Boaz House employed and pay rent for however long it takes for them to be comfortable enough to move out on their own. In addition, they are encouraged to give back to the program by volunteering as instructors, counselors, or in other staff positions if that’s what God calls them to do.

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