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About Our Director

 I am the founder and director of The Boaz House. I have struggled with addiction most of my life. At an early age, I had self-esteem issues and never felt as though I fit in anywhere. I found myself looking for acceptance in men always needing to be in a relationship. I eventually started to abuse drugs. I was a functioning addict for many years. My addiction included pain pills, methamphetamine, and at my lowest…heroin. I struggled for over 16 years in one way or another. I was so tired of being caught in the vicious cycles my addiction had brought. Being exhausted with life and the brokenness I felt inside, I reached out for help. I went to a faith-based rehab for help and learned Jesus Christ loved me right where I was, and no matter what I had done, I could rest in His truth. I have been walking in freedom from my addiction for almost four years. I want to share this freedom that God has given me with everyone. He set me free and He can do it for them as well! With that God gave me the vision to open The Boaz House which is a faith-based rehabilitation center for women struggling with addiction. My eyes are now completely open to how many struggle with or are affected in some way by addiction in their lives.

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